House system

Our Houses

The four Houses of HWIS are Heracles, Wukong, Ixbalam, and Setna. They are at the core of HWIS, and this is a culture that all of us live by. We promote teamwork, good values, and citizenship by creating smaller communities within the larger community where students and teachers can strengthen bonds and connections.


Strength, persistence, and might


Cleverness, wit, and playfulness


Courage, practice, and creativity


Wisdom, knowledge, and motivation

House Points

This is a system where Houses compete with one another through various ways of earning House Points. All Points earned will be totalled each semester, and the winning House (or Houses) will be rewarded. This greatly encourages all students to always do their best to honor their Houses.

The Box of Accolades (BOA)

This is a reward and recognition scheme built within the HWIS House Points system. A teacher may reward you for performing a task worthy of commendation with a prize ticket. There are seven types of tickets for students to collect, namely responsibility (R), excellence (E), service (S), persistence (P), enthusiasm (E), collaboration (C), and timeliness (T).