Extracurricular Activities


Physical activities can boost your observational skills, improve your focus, and even help you develop the ability to improvise.

Art and music

In developing the full variety of human intelligence, art and music are fundamental ways to organize our understanding of the world, to acquire profound qualities of discipline and insight, and to establish a firm grounding in knowledge.

Field trips

Nothing beats an exciting hands-on learning experience. The magic of a field trip is not just about the academic subjects involved. It is the break-in routine and its adventurous moments that open young learners’ minds to new things.


The greatness of a culture can be found in its festivals. We celebrate both eastern and western festivals by having special activities or performances to enjoy the spirit of these special holidays.

Youth volunteering

We passionately reach out to those who need our help and support. This improves our professional and interpersonal skills, and most importantly we learn how to play a positive role in society as mindful, selfless, and compassionate young citizens.